Herbal Infused Oils

What are Herbal Infused Oils?

Herbal infused oils are incredibly nourishing for the skin, hair, and scalp. They are made by placing whole plant material in a carrier oil and allowing the plants medicinal benefits to extract over a several week / month long process. This creates a more "whole" plant extract that includes more than just the essential oils of an herb. Note: no essential oils are used in these products which means the scent is lighter than your average carrier oil with essential oils added.

What oils are the plants infused into?

Unless otherwise noted these herbal infused oils are made with organic jojoba and passionfruit seed oil. Jojoba oil is very light and the closest in viscosity to the oils our skin naturally produces while passionfruit seed oil is known for it anti-inflammatory properties.

 Infused oil scents:

Wild Harvested Rosehips - Incredible as face oil made with wild harvested Oregon rosehips. These rose hips are special in that they have an exquisite fruity flavor. Also great for use in a gua sha stone practice. (Note, this oil is very seasonal and when it’s gone I won’t be making more until the Fall)

Rosemary + Sage + Juniper - Cleansing and nourishing, this oil is great for the scalp, body, hair, and even face if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin (try a test patch first!)

Lavender + Calendula - A bright and floral oil that is soothing to inflamed skin and contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Your face, body, hair, and scalp will love this blend!

Wild Forest Cedar - A rich, woodsy oil that will carry you into the forest. Can be used as an anointing oil, in your hair, or for the face and body.

Cedar + Burdock in Olive + Castor Oil - A rich and penetrating oil blend made with burdock to promote hair growth and cedar for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Best used as a scalp treatment left in for several hours or overnight then washed out.