Hair Mask | Ocean + Oats + Lavender

Allow soothing superstar ~Marshmallow Root~ to calm your scalp and bring softness to your gorgeous locks!

Combined with rose hips, kelp, oats, lavender, and sea buckthorn for the ultimate hair mask experience. Made from plants, because plants do it best. 🌿☀️



    It's pretty simple, but definitely a different experience than your typical detergent-based shampoos and conditioners!
    1. Mix 1-4 tsp with plenty of water in small bowl.
    2. Apply to wet & clean hair and scalp.
    3. Let sit 1-5 minutes.
    4. Massage thoroughly through scalp and hair while rinsing.

    You can use these hair masks by themselves or to dilute our herbal hair washes. How much you use to dilute your herbal hair wash will be up to you! If your hair is feeling very dry but still could use a wash try 50/50 mask to hair wash ratio. You can also use herbal hair washes on the top half of your hair and these hair masks on the bottom half of your hair if you tend towards a more oily scalp and dry ends.

    Keep away from eyes. 


    • Rose Hips
    • Kelp
    • Oats
    • Lavender
    • Sea Buckthorn
    • Marshmallow

      This tin contains 2 oz which is 4-12 masks depending on your hair type.