My Story

 Of the Earth, For the Earth

Hey there! I'm Amanda.

Over 15 years ago my mom and I looked at a bag of blue corn toritilla chips and noticed it said "non GMO." We looked at each other asked asked "what's a GMO?" This simple question catalyzed a whole lifestyle chance.

I was began searching for the best way to care for my body AND the earth. I started in small ways.... saying no to the plastic bag at check out, choosing organic, riding my bike when I could (which was really hard living outside of Phoenix, Arizona at the time!)

I started to question everything I considered normal.....and one of those things was my hair care products. The 15 letter words that I didn't understand weren't something that I wanted to put in my hair, and our waterways anymore. I tried the baking soda and vinegar method because hey, it's cheap and "natural" but was never satisfied with the results. My hair always felt oily and lackluster. 

As the universe would have it I was visiting a dear friend when she said "Hey! I have this herbal powder that washes your hair!" She had just returned from 6+ months in India and had all sorts of wonderful Ayurvedic remedies. Long story short I tried it,....LOVED it,...and have been using my own versions of the formula for over 10 years! My hair felt shiny, clean, nourished, and best of all my scalp never felt itchy or irritated.

Fast forward to now... I formulated a version of this Herbal Hair Wash that includes the core cleansing herbs from the Ayurvedic recipe AND lots of magical North American herbs that are know to promote scalp and hair health. 

Like with any new endeavor I second guessed myself.....a LOT. "Maybe I'm just one of a few who would actually rub this magical mud into my hair?" "It's so different from the current paradigm of how we wash our hair" "It's not "normal."

BUT, with the rise of powdered tooth pastes I convinced myself that maybe the world is ready to return to the Messy Magic of PLANTS.  

Messy Magic Herbal Hair wash is made of 100% plants.....THAT'S IT! My hair and scalp have never felt healthier, and I can feel good about washing a little plant dust into our waterways. I truly believe that the time is NOW. Now is the time to return to what nature has gifted to us. Now is the time to say no to excess packaging. NOW is the time to heal our bodies, and the earth. Doing what's healthy for the earth doesn't need to be a sacrifice. It can, and will, create more wellness in our lives as well.

Wellness. Nature. Sustainability

 Let's do this, one step at a time.