How does a healthy scalp encourage hair growth? 


Hair follicles exist in the epidermal / dermal layers of the skin. If the scalp is flaky, irritated, or otherwise out of balance our hair follicles are directly impacted. When hair follicles are blocked by dead skin or inflamed our hair doesn’t grow well or at all! Hair follicles are nourished through blood flow. The hair bulb (at the base of the follicles) is fed through blood vessels that also deliver hormones. Circulation is key to encourage hair growth!

How do you encourage blood flow to the scalp and your hair follicles?

Proper nutrition, in particular iron!


If you’re anything like me you might sometimes forget to eat because you’re so “busy.” At a certain point in my life I decided that nourishing myself was a priority. I decided to eat more and even started taking a whole foods based multivitamin. Within a month of prioritizing eating healthy foods and taking multivitamins I noticed a hair growth spurt! Iron in particular is responsible for nourishing our blood and bringing circulation to the scalp. There are many sources for iron in our diet, but I am a huge advocate for nourishing herbal infusions like nettles that are iron rich.

Scalp Massage


Scalp massage is simple, easy and feels oh so good! Make sure to massage the entire scalp. Use the fingers, not your nails, while massaging. During a scalp massage you can use oils like jojoba, olive, castor and sesame. Be aware that if you use a large amount of oil, especially thicker oils like castor, olive or sesame it can take a few washes to get the oil out of your hair! I like to use no more than a dropperful or two (think a couple teaspoons) of oil at a time or forgo the oil all together.

Herbal hair washes


Herbal hair washes are a great way to bring circulation to your scalp. The powdered herbs are a gentle exfoliant for the scalp and literally act as “food for your hair.” Herbs like sage, rosemary, peppermint, etc provide nutrients through the skin, increase circulation, and have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

ACV hair rinses


ACV (apple cider vinegar) hair rinses balance the ph of your scalp and can prevent dandruff causing yeast. It’s an inexpensive treatment and the ACV can be infused with herbs. Learn more about how ACV hair rinses work here and check out my line of herbal infused ACV hair rinses.

I hope this acts as a resource for you to bring health and happiness to your hair and scalp! There are so many products and ideas out there about how to care for our bodies. I still maintain that the most natural, simple, methods work the best. Give these healthy scalp tips a try and see if they help with hair growth for you. 

Amanda Carson
Amanda Carson

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